These are my top Anime recommendations for you to watch! You can click them to go to the wiki page :)

If you like lengthy animes,
this one is for you.
Being one of the longest animes,
naruto is action-packed
with likeable characters
who have almost overwhelming powers.

Demon Slayer is a relatively
short anime and really entertaining. It is fun to watch as it is serious, sad, funny, and awesome in terms of graphics. It is unfinished currently but definetle worth to wait for.

One punch man is a funny and action anime about a person named Saitama and his disciple Genos. Saitama is also said to be one of the most powerful being in all anime verses alongside goku, gojou, luffy and more.

If you like witty and serious animes then Attack on Titan is what you are looking for. This anime is sad, action-packed, suspenseful, and a little gory. AOT is recommended for older viewers as it can be a bit boring for younger ones.